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Boys of Abu Ghraib covers the riveting 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq

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Reel life
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Outstanding film.
A forbidden friendship and a shocking truth are revealed in Boys of Abu Ghraib, available on VOD and DVD from Vertical Entertainment, a riveting take based on shocking, real-life events that made headlines around the world following the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.
In this military thriller, American soldier Jack Farmer played by (Luke Moran) is stationed overseas at Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi prison seized by U.S. armed forces. There, he is tasked with guarding the cell block where top-priority suspected terrorists are held, known as the Hard Site.
A rookie to the Military Police, Jack is shown the ropes by a veteran guard (Sean Astin), who demonstrates how to control the prisoners by using violence and intimidation. But during his long, lonely shifts, Jack develops a secret bond with Ghazi (Omid Abtah), an English-speaking detainee.
Soon, Ghazi is subjected to harsh interrogations over his suspected involvement in building bombs with intent to kill innocent civilians. As the questioning progresses to torture, the forbidden friendship is revealed. Now, with his career and Ghazi’s life on the line, Jack must choose between loyalty to his country or his virtue.

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