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Boys icy river: Two boys rescued with moments to spare in icy river scare
Two brothers having fun along the banks of icy Des Moines River ended up being stuck 75 feet out on breaking ice.

Two boy’s icy river scare nearly ended in tragedy, as shifting and melting ice threatened to give way and drop two pre-teens into the icy Des Moines River near the hydroelectric dam in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

According to WPEC-TV CBS on March 24, two young boys, identified as Corbin Crawford, 12, and Dylan Crawford, 7, “were throwing rocks when one of Dylan's shoes got stuck. Older brother Corbin went to retrieve the shoe and Dylan followed. They were using the ice blocks to get to the shoe, but then it started floating away.”

The boys had walked approximately 75 feet out from the west bank of the river when the ice started to shift and give way. Panicking, the boys yelled out for help, and witnesses called 911 as the boys huddled together on the cracking ice.

Members of the Fort Dodge Firefighter team responded, and tossed rope lines and lifejackets to the boys. While one firefighter wearing a floatation suit walked on the ice out to the boys, another went into the frigid water to help bring them a flat-bottomed aluminum boat. Once the boys were safely inside the boat, firefighters pulled it back to shore.

The rescue took approximately 45 minutes. The boys' mother was waiting anxiously on the shore. They were checked out and did not require any medical attention, other than a little warming up inside the house.

“One of the guys here got a message saying they’re home and enjoying some hot chocolate and that they learned their lessons for the day,” Fire Department Capt. Paul Neeson said.

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