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Boy's head found in Pakistan man's home: Leads to second cannibalism arrest

Boys head found in home, Pakistan man arrested for cannibalism.
Boys head found in home, Pakistan man arrested for cannibalism.
Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Pakistan police arrested a man after finding the head of a young boy in his house. The man and his brother, who also lives there, were previously jailed for cannibalism. Neighbors notified police about the horrific smells emanating from the home where the two brothers live, according to MSN News on April 14.

The police raided the home and found the head and are now searching for the man’s brother. Both men were put in prison after they dug up more than 100 corpses out of the local graveyards and eaten the meat off the dead bodies.

Mohammad Arif, the one brother who was arrested was at home when police arrived, but now police are raiding other homes in hopes of finding the other brother today. Police are now searching the local cemeteries to see if any of the graves are disturbed or missing bodies.

As the Pakistan Tribune reports today the man was “rearrested for cannibalism.” The 35-year-old man who is behind bars and his 30-year-old brother are from a small village of Bhakkar and both had already served two years in prison for eating dead people before.

When police first arrested the two brothers they were found “disinterring and devouring more than 150 corpses” from the local cemeteries, reports the Tribune. That is a gruesome sight to come upon and it is a disturbing act to hear about.

The brothers spent the two years behind bars at Mianwali’s district jail and were released almost a year ago, back in May of 2013. Unfortunately the brothers went right back to their old ways and started eating the flesh of human corpses once again.

One of the top country’s officials, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif “has taken notice of this incident.” He has requested that he receive a detailed report from the district police once they’ve completed their investigation.

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