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Boys ensure special needs girls have dates to their school dance

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On Feb. 7 ABC shares a touching story of a random act of kindness that made a fun night for a couple of seniors all the more special. With the senior school dance looming, mom, Michele Powell, didn't want her daughter to go alone by circumstance, just because she has Downs Syndrome. To ensure that she had a good time, she put in a call to the co-coordinator of the dance to inquire as to whether there would be any boys at the school that would be willing to take her daughter, Mikala, to the school dance.

The boys were told that if they chose to go, there would be no benefit to them in the form of awards, plaques, gifts, nothing. They were just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts as a random act of kindness. In all, after the call was made my Mrs. Powell, 15 boys volunteered to take her daughter to the dance. Damon Keizer was the lucky man selected to take Mikala.

When Michele told her neighbor, who also had a special needs daughter in the same grade, she was skeptical that her daughter could go to the prom with date. She made the call, and within 10 minutes Aaron Dondas called her back and said that he would love to take her daughter, Victoria, to the dance and make it something special for her. Aaron says about his random act of kindness;

"It felt good in my heart."

A big pre-dance party was held at the Powell's home and then everyone shuffled off to the dance in a limousine where they had more fun dancing and seeing their friends. Both the boys and girls said that they had a fantastic time. They had fun dancing, and it was just easy and not like they were forcing it or it was a job to be done.

It seems as though chivalry may not be dead after all.