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Boys and their briefs


At times, the best ideas come when comparing men and women. My latest faze is mostly crazed around women wearing men’s clothing, sharp yet effortless, and men living up to the expectations women are imagined to naturally adapt. The great battle of the skivvies continues with the war against grandma panties. This doesn’t exactly relate to the over the belly button, panty-line baring, flesh toned bottoms that we find in the intimates section of the JCPENNEY’s catalogue.

One thing my mom said to me on the way to the hospital when I was fifteen with a fever was “You better have on nice underwear”. Hilarious, I know. Especially since I think the pair I was wearing said something like “Go! Go! Go!” across my bottom. But she was right. You never know who’ll get to see you in your intimates, so my question is why wouldn’t men have the same concerns?
I dated someone who insisted on referring to all my underwear as grandma panties just because they didn’t go up my ass or were stringy and transparent. Ignoring such an ignorant bastard, I comfortably concluded that there was nothing wrong with boy shorts or lacy low-rise bikini cut panties. If there’s one thing women know more about than men, its underwear. We get measured and sized from top to bottom, are detail oriented and definitely dress to draw out a reaction.
That ignorant bastard I mentioned before fell under that category of men who still let there mom buy their socks and underpants. They were (and probably still are) saggy, raggedy, and above all unattractive. My biggest surprise was finding him in black silk boxers with cartoon lip prints. Guys across the globe, this is completely unacceptable. All hope is not yet lost. There are a few things that you should think of, and the number one reason should be the obvious. You never know who’ll be seeing your funderwear (like underwear but more fun). 
Here are the basics. Girls dig boxer briefs that hug you in all the right places, briefs that are anything but white, and boxers we can share. Watch your luck change once you decide to buy your own underuse. Pay attention to what covers the goods as much as what covers the rest of you. Simpley as that, you get your way closer to a womans ... heart.
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