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'Boyhood' movie filmed over 12 years goes beyond excellent: Movie trailer

Boyhood” is a movie that is truly one of a kind, as it took over 12 years to make. Once you see it you will agree those were 12 years well spent making a film that follows a boy to manhood. This masterpiece of a film, “Boyhood,” is rated with score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and Fox News movie critic Kevin McCarthy couldn't sing this film enough praises.

"Boyhood" is getting rave reviews from critics for Richard Linklaters vision of filming a movie over 12 years.
Boyhood promo

According to CNN News on July 12, writer and director Richard Linklater took an unusual gamble at creating something different and this gamble has paid off big time. The critics love this film and not only do you see the boy age over 12-years, but also some of the movie’s A-list stars.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that this is a movie you will actually want to see. They are one of many media venues today calling this Linklater “gifted” after seeing this movie. You will get to know Ellar Coltrane and literally watch him grow up in this film.

Once a year for the last 12 years this crew and cast got together for filming this movie. Linklater took an incredible gamble in Hollywood, where you can only contract an individual for up to seven years. He had to go on faith that the cast would show up after that.

He also took a gamble on the kid, Ellar Coltrane, who was cute 12 years ago, but there were no guarantees that he would make an interesting character as he got older. The cast also went on blind faith because they didn’t get a full script of what this movie would look like from beginning to end.

This was scripted year to year by Linklater. The star of the movie is Ethan Hawke, who plays the father of this child Mason who you get to watch grow up over 12 years. Patricia Arquette plays the child’s mother and Linklater’s own daughter plays the older sister.

Ethan Hawke’s take on “Boyhood” is it is unlike anything else Hollywood has ever offered. He said that the movies are usually a spirit of something else. He gave examples as “Dead Poet’s Society” is like “Goodbye Mr. Chips” and “Training Day” is a lot like “The French Connection,” but Boyhood is in a league of its own.

“Boyhood” centers more on the everyday moments in a family’s life and not the milestones you’d might expect that they’d go for over a 12-year span. That’s what makes this movies so different and a movie you have to see according to all the critics, not just most, but all of them so far!

The movie was released in a select cities over the weekend. Check out the latest movie trailer above.

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