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Boyfriend marinates dog for dinner in New Mexico

New Mexico man skinned and marinated his girlfriend's dog.
New Mexico man skinned and marinated his girlfriend's dog.
Torrance County Sheriff.

There are many reasons for breaking up with a boyfriend. When he slaughters your dog and marinates it for dinner, that's a pretty good reason in my book.

Mandy Malone's nine-month-old dog, Onyx, was killed by her boyfriend Salvador Martinez. Police were called to Malone's residence in Edgewood, New Mexico on July 17, 2014. The responding sheriff deputies found a plastic bag that contained bones and meat in the freezer. Martinez admitted to killing the black and white part dachshund and part Chihuahua mix.

The dog had been stabbed with a screwdriver and skinned. Other parts of the animal had been buried in the backyard.

While there are no laws against eating dogs in New Mexico, the manner in which the dog was slain and the emotional stress that it caused Malone resulted in a felony animal cruelty charge against Martinez.

Malone told deputes that Martinez had threatened to barbecue one of her dogs, but she didn't believe he meant it.

Martinez was released on Wednesday, but because he was already on probation (for drug trafficking), he will likely be picked up and incarcerated for violation of probation a sheriff spokesman commented.

Malone owns nine dogs, five cats and some chickens. She reportedly kept dogs for her grandchildren to play with. Her grandchildren were at her house when the dog was slain.

She met Martinez at a halfway house. He has just finished a 10-year sentence in prison for trafficking 13 kilograms of cocaine in 2003. Malone was also at the halfway house following her prison term.

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