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Boycott New York City petition reaches 10,000 signatures

Lady Liberty once proud of the NYC shores now cries over the death of innocent animals at NYC-AC&C
Lady Liberty once proud of the NYC shores now cries over the death of innocent animals at NYC-AC&C
Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images

Salviamo I Gattini Senza Padrone Americani Dalla Morte, a group of animal advocates from Italy, who have been posting, sharing and pledging for some time on the Urgent Death Row Cats Facebook page have reached 10,000 signatures on their Boycott New City until the killing of innocent animals at the infamous New York City Animal Care and Control stops. The dedication and compassion shown by this group of Italians has made them much loved among American cat lovers who are sickened by the daily posts of sick and injured cats who are stated as being in pain, having severe infections or broken limbs. The cats are posted in pitiful condition and are all said to be awaiting pledges to get the interest of a rescue who will pull them from the shelter and immediately vet the cats and provide the care needed for the cat to recover and be adopted. Many cats receive hundreds and on occasion thousands in pledge money before they are taken by a NYC rescue, where many times their recovery will be updated a few times while more money is collected and then they are seldom seen or updated again. In Italy they do not have kill shelters and the situation for the cats of New York City has been a heartbreaking and frustrating one for this group of Italian animal lovers who have also placed hundreds of phone calls to New York Cities new Mayor DeBlasio as well as many other New York Politicians and the NYC-AC&C management only to be put through to an automated message and never responded to. New York City, once the symbol of freedom, opportunity, glamour and wealth is quickly becoming known as a city of corruption and greed where even the innocent animals are killed and exploited . Please join this group and follow their efforts to save the cats and dogs of NYC.