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Boy trapped in arcade machine: 3-year-old boy stuck in toy machine

A boy trapped in a toy machine at an arcade in Nebraska has been rescued. The 3-year-old boy escaped from his home and went to a nearby bowling alley. The boy's mother was shocked to learn that her son had not only gotten out of the house (despite admitting that her son knew how to unlock the door), but that he made it to the bowling alley -- and managed to get himself into the toy machine.

It appears as though the boy climbed into the prize retrieval slot of the "Bear Claw" game (you know the one where you use the shifter to move a big metal claw and try and grab a stuffed animal) and sat amongst all of the stuffed animals, entertaining himself for an unknown amount of time.

The boy was rescued from the machine and was uninjured. His mom, laughing it off, called her son "wild," "independent," and "adventurous." Check out the video above for more.

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