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Boy superhero funeral: 5-year-old dies from cancer, gets superhero funeral

Brayden being carried by superheroes
Brayden being carried by superheroes
CBS News Screen Capture

A boy was honored with a superhero funeral after he died from cancer. Brayden Denton, 5, died last week at Riley Hospital for Children after battling cancer for a little over a year. According to CBS News, Brayden Denton, 5, loved Spider-Man and so his mother thought that she would give him an exceptional send off. While a funeral certainly isn't a time to be happy, seeing superheroes carrying Brayden's casket was touching, and brought a bright smile to many who read about Brayden's funeral today.

"Adults dressed as Spider-Man, Superman, Batman and the Incredible Hulk were among the pallbearers at Brayden's funeral last week in northwestern Indiana," CBS News reported. Brayden's uncle dressed up as Thor for the occasion.

Every boy deserves a superhero funeral if that's what he really loved. Seeing Spider-Man, Superman, Batman and the Incredible Hulk carry Brayden's casket wasn't normal but the sentiment was sweet and it's clear that Brayden would have loved it.

Brayden's mom, Stacie, said that her son "was a huge Spider-Man fan. He had to quit just liking Spider-Man because he had all the toys. So really he liked every superhero. It was hard, but I did it for him. We went to the Superman movie with him and he was dressed up as Superman. I watched all the Ironmans with him. That's what Brayden would've wanted."

The boy who had the superhero funeral actually was the real superhero... and that, perhaps, is the best part of the whole story.