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Boy steps on 10,000 y/o Mastodon tooth in Michigan

A young boy in Michigan stepped on a 10,000-year-old Mastodon tooth. According to a video report by GeoBeats. the 9-year-old boy was walking through a creek near his home when he came across the ancient tooth. He rushed home with it and cleaned it off, and then started some research along with his mom. The boy, you see, is known as "Huckleberry Phil" in his neighborhood -- so this sort of thing is right up his alley.

Coming up short, the boy's mother contacted a professor at Michigan State University. She knew what her son came across was more than just an old rock. The 8-inch-long object was soon identified as a Mastodon tooth. A Mastodon was a large hairy pachyderm and sort of looked like a cross between a mammoth and an elephant. It had a large trunk and two long tusks.

Apparently, Mastodon remnants aren't uncommon. Every couple of years someone seems to find something belonging or relating to these massive extinct creatures, especially in the Michigan area.

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