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Boy Scout shoots self? Autopsy's bullet trajectory needed to confirm suicide

Boy Scout shooting death: 12-year-old boy shot more than once, with at least one wound in his torso.
Wikimedia Commons

The 12-year-old Boy Scout who was shot dead on Monday may not have died from a suicide as previously reported. The boy was found with more than one gunshot wound on his body slumped over in a tent with a handgun nearby, according to NBC News on June 30.

Update: On Tuesday July 1, reports today indicate that the boy was shot in the head with evidence leaning toward suicide, but official word of cause of death has not yet been released. Police reported yesterday that the bullet trajectory will be an important factor on calling this a suicide or not. Nothing more has been said about multiple gunshot wounds found on the boy as thought was possibly the case yesterday, according to ABC News today.

The child was part of a Boy Scout Troop from Las Vegas that came to San Diego to this Boy Scout camp for a week. The boy who died was one of 20 in his troop that made the trip to Fiesta Island Youth Camp and Youth Aquatic Center in Mission Bay. They had just arrived at the camp the day before this shooting tragedy, according to San Diego 6 News.

Police were called out to the Boy Scout camp at about 7:30 on Monday morning. The 911 call the police received reported that a boy had been shot in the head. This is the origin of the confusion with the first reports claiming the boy was shot in the head. When police arrived, they found that the boy had been shot in the torso.

The boy was pronounced dead on the scene from gunshot wounds, but police did not release any information on how many times the child had been shot. They did say he was shot once in the torso, but nothing was said about the locations of the other gunshot wounds.

Police are waiting for the autopsy findings to come back as the results will show the trajectory of the bullet. This will determine if the shooting was indeed a suicide or not.

They need this test before making the decision if this shooting was due to a suicide or something else, such as an accidental shooting. Police will not comment if there were any other people in the tent at the time the shooting occurred, but they did say there were no witnesses to the shooting.

Police conducted interviews with Scout leaders, scouts and chaperones who accompanied this Boy Scout troop to the campsite. This camp had about 400 people on site from different Boy Scout troops from around the region.

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