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Boy missing a week and a half found in own basement after an extensive search

According to CNN on Thursday, a 12-year-old boy who had been missing for eleven days and was the subject of an extensive police search was found alive and well Wednesday in the basement of his father's house. Officers discovered the boy while serving a search warrant on the property as part of their investigation into the boy's disappearance. It's not clear if the boy had been there the entire time. Officers had searched the house four times including searching once with cadaver dogs last week because investigators were not ruling out the possibility of homicide of the missing boy.

When police found Charlie Bothuell V, he appeared to be hiding and didn't announce himself. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he was behind some boxes and a large large five-gallon plastic drum. Bedding also was found nearby. When he was found, the boy was nervous and said he was hungry. He appeared fine, but he will be medically evaluated and then interviewed by the police.

The boy lives in the house with his father and stepmother. Charlie disappeared on Saturday night June 14, when he walked out of the house. The father, Charlie Bothuell IV, said he was as surprised as anyone that his son was in the basement. He had looked there, his wife had looked, the Detroit police had looked and the FBI had looked. In fact, the father thought his son was dead after having been missing for that long.

Charlie's father heard the news that his son had been found during a live television interview with HLN's Nancy Grace. When Grace told him the news, Bothuell became visibly upset, looking dazed and bewildered, breathing hard and clutching his chest.

Even though the case of finding the missing boy has come to a shocking end, the circumstances of his discovery leave numerous other questions unanswered. Detroit police are not ruling out that Charlie had help in hiding. They find it hard for them to think someone didn't know the boy was in the basement all that time.

While the father is relieved his son has been found, he is shocked that the police are thinking he knew about the hiding. Questions are still being asked why the boy hid in his own basement for eleven days. Also, many are wondering what the father would have gained for hiding his own son, if he did hide him.

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