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‘Boy Meets World’ reunion: Rider Strong returns as Shawn in ‘Girl Meets World’

'Boy Meets World' star Rider Strong returning as Shawn Hunter for 'Girl Meets World.'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

It’s a “Boy Meets World” reunion as Rider Strong is confirmed to appear as Shawn Hunter in the spin-off series, “Girl Meets World,” Hollywood News Daily reported on March 19.

In newly released photos Rider is back with his best friends, Cory and Topanga, and their family, including parents Alan and Amy Matthews.

The group sits around the dinner table together and enjoys a nice family meal.

Fans are super excited for “Girl Meets World,” and can’t wait to see what’s new with the “Boy Meets World” gang, and characters Mr. Feeny, Minkus, and more have been confirmed as guest stars.

Will Rider have a big role in “Girl Meets World,” or will Shawn just be stopping by to catch up with his old friends Cory and Topanga?

Nothing’s been revealed as of yet, but if Shawn comes back, they have to at least mention his “Boy Meets World” love, Angela, which means viewers could get a glimpse of actress Trina McGee as well.

What are your thoughts on “Boy Meets World” star Rider Strong reprising his role as Shawn Hunter for “Girl Meets World?”

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