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Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge

Front cover of Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge.
Front cover of Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge.
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Summer can't arrive fast enough for Teresa, Larry and Elliot. But even though they're eager to make high school part of ancient history, they don't plan on going their separate ways. AS soon as they chuck their caps and gowns, they'll head to California . . . together. Just the three of them: boy, girl, boy.

Despite their shared dream, these friends are nothing alike. Larry, a brilliant student, is dealing with being gay in an ultraconservative town. Teresa aces all her exams but still bears the emotional scars of hang been abandoned by her mother. And although star athlete Elliot may look the part of a happy teenager, he worries that out in the world he'll seem worthless compared to his two smart, ambitious best friends.

Do they really have a chance of making a new live together in California?

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"Memorable, likable characters, spot-on dialogue that is both humorous and insightful, and a subtle exploration of prejudices and issues that will resonate with teens . . . A perceptive book about teenage friendship nod the struggle for individual identity . . . Buy several copies." —Booklist (starred)

"Deftly captures the uncertainty of young adults facing a major turning point." —The Bulletin (starred)

"All the drama, humor, and awkwardness of best-friend-maybe-love-angst relationships, told from three points of view. Ron K rocks!" —Book Sense

Young adult fiction, ages 14 and up; paperback, 180 pages.



Three best friends and a perfectly planned road trip; that's all it took to decide that going to California the day after graduation was exactly what Larry, Teresa and Elliot wanted to do. The threesome had always dreamed of living in California, taking on glamorous lives among the starlets.

This book divides the narration between the three best friends, each describing their own point of view on the same stories. There's Larry, who is still coming to terms with the fact that he's gay; Elliot, who's a basketball star and secretly enjoys time away from his best friends; and Teresa, the athletic runner who'd recently had her mother walk out on her.

The world looks onto them as one unit--boy girl boy--and they're found inseparable, even by their own parents. Their relationships are extremely realistic, from Elliot's secret longing to get some alone time, to Teresa's ever present desire for Elliot in the most pathetic of ways. But one day, when a torturous event brings the three of them closer together in a hospital room, they realise that maybe California isn't the most important thing--maybe abandoning their families isn't the greatest idea.

This story is well-told and easy to read. The characters immediately come off the page, and it's simple to connect with them from the start. This book is just a quick, fun read, and it's quite impressive for it's small size. It was a little difficult to get into at the beginning, but towards the end, after a sudden tragedy, it sped along too quickly, and one will want to continue reading. This novel would do great with a sequel.

Though the three friends' lives are quickly discussed, they hold plenty of detail, though the majority of the novel doesn't seem to come together until the end. This book is still a good read if you had a good couple of hours to sit down and do something different--like read a book. But its found that even though it's a pleasurable read, it's still missing a little something that just can't be placed. Basically, a good book with a simplistic plot, and an interesting twist at the end; overall, a good story.

Overall Rating; B+

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