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Boy George gets royal treatment from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Boy George meet for a selfie
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for GLAAD

Boy George is rekindling memories of his reign as music royalty in the 80s as he prepares new music and a new tour with band mates, Culture Club, but he had a little time to poke fun and pose with Taylor Swift.

Boy George knows what is have fun these days, and certainly was joyful in an Access Hollywood interview, giggling as he shared news about preparing to tour, and gushing with pride describing the new music as “the best album we’ve ever made.” The front man with the unmistakable voice couldn't resist telling about his recent audience with another reigning princess of music, Taylor Swift, either.

“It was like meeting the Queen” George teased regarding the brief encounter. “She was locked in this little room, and I was taken in,” he relates. “She was very beautiful, and very tall, and very glamorous,” the singer admitted, realizing that she is likely too young to recall Culture Club’s glamour days as hit makers. Boy George was really after a cute selfie with Swift, to share with his niece, and Taylor took a moment to oblige.

Taylor has time for anything but haters, scoffers, and anyone who tries to stifle creative passion, as she elaborated with the debut of her song, “Shake It Off,” from her upcoming album, “1989.” The guitar slinging songstress invited a select audience of fans for the moment, and the excitement was beyond audible.

As for George and his comrades, they are relishing their upcoming release after 15 years, and George has learned to “invest in happiness” and finds great joy in doing “ordinary things.” That kind of life wisdom comes from his journey to sobriety and an understanding of love that never came with the heady days of fame. His solo offering, “This Is What I Do,” released in late 2013, took listeners along that long pathway, and gave the artist a most welcome return to music, with some of the most poignant songwriting he has done. One critic deemed it “the best comeback of the year.” The best comeback for anyone is to find a healthy, balanced, contented place in life, and George O’Dowd can have some real fun there now.

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