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Boy finds mummified body: Explores vacant house, finds corpse hanging in closet

A boy stumbled upon what is best described as a scene out of a classic horror movie in an old vacant house. A mummified body hanging from a belt around its neck greeted the young explorer who shouldn't have been in the condemned building, according to CNN News on June 17.

Boy finds hanging mummified body when exploring an old vacant neighborhood home.

When police were called and the body was taken away, it was discovered that the body had been there for five years, according to the forensic testing. The mummified corpse of the man hanging from a belt inside a closet was identified as Edward Brunton, a man who would have been in his late 40s at the time he died.

According to the Canada Journal today, the boy decided to explore the empty and spooky looking house. He got the fright of his young life when he opened the closet door to see a mummified dead man hanging there.

The Dayton Ohio home didn't look as if anyone lived there, it was in various stages of decay and the door was was covered with citations from the city for having an overgrown yard. The house didn't have a stick of furniture and neighbors said that no one ever came and went from the house.

The house did have a dead resident and someone that apparently wasn't missed by anyone because for five years the body hung in that closet. Ken Betz from the Montgomery County Coroner's Office said that the body was hanging there since 2009. He also said that finding a body preserved like this after five years is very rare.

While the cause of death is an apparent suicide, the official cause won't be released until after the investigation is complete. The official cause and manner of his death has not been officially determined, said the coroner.

The body turned into a mummy-like corpse because it was shielded in the closet away from animals, insects and the elements. The closet kept the body protected from sunlight and drastic temperature changes. There was low-humidity in the closet, which resulted in the slow decomposition of the body.

Apparently Brunton died shortly after he purchased and moved into the home and before he was able to have much contact with neighbors. He had been estranged from family and friends, so no one reported him missing. His brother lived not far from the house where his body hung in a closet for the past five years.

The boy who found the body ran home and told his mother Michelle McGrath, who went into the home to investigate what her son had seen. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the longtime-vacant house, but it was when she opened the closet that she realized it was indeed a mummified body hanging there. Then she called the police.

McGrath said,"When I crossed the threshold of the room, is when I smelled it. Police found Brunton's identification on his body and his estranged brother was able to identify him because he could still recognize him despite being dead five years. The body was still that much intact to be able to identify the man by his face. Today Brunton would have been 53.

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