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Boy finds mummified body: Edward Brunton believed to have died 5 years ago

A boy finds a mummified body when exploring a neighborhood home
A boy finds a mummified body when exploring a neighborhood home
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

It's certainly not every day that a boy finds a mummified body in a house. Strangely enough, that's exactly what happened recently in Dayton, Ohio. CNN shared the details regarding the bizarre situation on Tuesday.

The boy, 12, happened to go into what seemed to be an abandoned home. Soon the boy found a mummified body which is said to be that of Edward Brunton. Sadly it is now believed that Brunton died about five years ago. Reports indicate that Brunton hanged himself in a closet in the home.

The Montgomery County Coroner, Dr. Kent Harshbarger, indicates that the body was protected from humidity, temperature fluctuations and sunlight due to its location, according to WDTN. How does a dead man go unnoticed in his home for so long? Neighbors apparently didn't think anybody lived there.

Brunton was said to have been estranged from family and friends, so nobody had reported him missing. It also seems that he had not lived at the address for long before his death, so neighbors had never gotten to know him. The home was unfurnished, and the lawn was quite overgrown. There were citations for the state of the yard all over the front door.

Though dental records will be checked, it seems there were identifying documents on the body and Brunson's estranged brother was able to identify him. It is a bit baffling how the situation could go unresolved for so long, given the neglect of the house along the exterior. One would think neighbors would have tried to figure out what the status of the home's ownership was, but somehow nothing was ever done until the boy found the mummified body as he entered the home to explore.