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Boy drives toy on NYC parkway: Where were his parents and did he survive?

In shocking news, a young boy drove a toy car right out onto a New York City parkway. He was only six-years-old. On Monday, ABC News shared about what happened and how this little boy is lucky to be alive. The name of the child hasn't been released at this time. Parents need to be aware of where their children are at no matter what is going on.

This young boy drove his battery powered vehicle right out on the parkway. Westchester County police spokesman Kieran O'Leary spoke out saying, "A couple of cars were behind him, maybe another alongside him a little bit, somewhat protecting him from the possibility of being struck by a car that wouldn't have seen him in time."

He was not with his parents when it happened. The boy was about 10 blocks away with relatives. One of the cousins was supposed to be watching him and lost track of him when the boy got away. This is just a reminder of how careful you have to be and how you should have your eyes on your children at all times.

It was revealed that he just went on the road like a car. O'Leary said, "He took the Oak Street ramp going north, comes down the ramp, is in the acceleration lane and then actually in the right lane of the parkway for a brief time." They are very lucky that he was not hit by a car and that he actually survived.

Cars on this road are going 50 mph most of the time. The young boy could have been hit by a car, but he was taken to a hospital and checked out to be just fine. He is very lucky that everything turned out okay and that he lived to see another day.

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