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Boy drives toy on NYC parkway in 50 mph traffic: 6-year-old moseys down highway

When a six-year-old took his battery powered toy ATV for a ride, he did just what all the grownups do, jumped on the highway. In the child's case the toy was slow-going so it is more like a mosey onto the parkway. You just never know what goes through the minds of kids, but he apparently had no fear at all when jumping on the Bronx River Parkway around 7 p.m. Sunday with the busy weekend traffic.

6-year-old boy drives toy ATV down NYC parkway where cars travel at about 50 mph.
YouTube screen shot/ ABC News channel 6

According to MSN News on August 5, the child was at a family picnic at Mount Vernon Park when he disappeared. The family called the police to report the boy missing after a 30-minute search turned up no sign of the lad. It was about an hour later when calls started to come into 911 about a kid in a motorized toy riding down the Parkway.

The Westchester County Police said the boy drove his toy ATV down the street near the park and then up the parkway ramp. Motorists were calling to report the child going northbound on the Bronx River Parkway.

Three cars slowed down and boxed the child in to protect him from the traffic. Then one man got out of his car and grabbed the child to get him out of harm’s way. The little guy was taken to the hospital to get examined, but he was found to be just fine, reports ABC News.

This is one story that went national today and it will make a great addition to a scrap book, one that his parents give to him as an adult. This way this little guy can read about his dangerous ride when he grows up and his kids of his own!

The toy ATV on which the little boy was riding was small enough to fit into the trunk of a police car, as seen in the picture above. Police said that three motorists formed a slow moving shield around the boy when they spotted him on the highway, before one pulled over and took him off the highway.

That was quick thinking and some good coordination among three motorists who were strangers to each other. You can say what you want about NYC drivers, but when the times get tough, they have the skills to pull off this type of rescue.

The motorists said they saw the boy but they were afraid another approaching car may not have, so they protected him with their cars. In the area that the boy was driving his toy, cars go about 50 mph.

This is one lucky boy today, whose name was not released. Police did not release the name of the motorists who rescued the boy, who were truly his heroes on Sunday!

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