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Boy Dance Party, Black Jeopardy among best 'SNL' sketches of season (Part 1)

The "Black Jeopardy" sketch from the episode hosted by Louis C.K. was one of the "Saturday Night Live" highlights of the show's 39th season.
The "Black Jeopardy" sketch from the episode hosted by Louis C.K. was one of the "Saturday Night Live" highlights of the show's 39th season.

10. Scandal (Lena Dunham)

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ABC’s “Scandal” is an incredibly entertaining television series, but also one that deserves to be spoofed and mocked because of its soap opera craziness. Newest cast member Sasheer Zamata does a nice job as Kerry Washington’s D.C. fixer/political consultant Olivia Pope, especially how jello-like she becomes when in the arms of Taran Killam’s President Grant. Host Lena Dunham does a nice job as a new associate at Pope and Associates at pointing out just how unbelievable some of the stuff Olivia Pope and her gang does actually is … like Huck decrypting a file in no time at all. For those who’ve never seen “Scandal” this spoof won’t make a whole lot of sense, but for those who have it’s a blast, even if Beck Bennett’s Huck is quite horrid.

9. My Girl (Kerry Washington)

Hopefully you’ve gotten the annoyance out of your head for good, but a few months ago Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say?” was unfortunately everywhere. Luckily, something good came out of that atrocity with SNL’s Jay Pharoah perfectly parodying it with “My Girl” or “What Does My Girl Say?” about his girlfriend’s (host Kerry Washington) constant nagging and prying into his life. Like Ylvis’ tune it’s going to get stuck in your head, but at least you won’t hate yourself for it and you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

8. Boy Dance Party (Bruce Willis)

When Bruce Willis hosted the show early in the season, quite possibly the best all around episode of the year, he showed a propensity for being able to joke about himself and his image. That episode is the only one of the season to have two sketches appear on this list (also #4) and in both Willis supremely mocks his tough guy image. “Boy Dance Party” proved to be one of the best digital shorts of the season and showed the female gender that men aren’t just macho and manly when their women folk aren’t around.

7. Black Jeopardy (Louis C.K.)

Despite being controversial to some, the differences between black and white cultures in America always prove to be funny when in the hands of talented comedians. No other sketch from this season of “Saturday Night Live” proved this better than when comedian Louis C.K. hosted this season and guested as the “white guy” in a “Black Jeopardy” sketch featuring ‘SNL’ veteran Kenan Thompson in the Alex Trebek role and Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata as the other two contestants. Among the hilarious topics were “Had That Been Me,” “It’s Been a Minute” and, of course, “White People.” The way Pharoah and Zamata answer their questions and the way Louis C.K. tiptoes around the game make for one of the better sketches of the season and the best game show sketch (and this show seems to do one per week) in quite a while.

6. Three Wise Guys (John Goodman)

John Goodman is one of the all-time great “Saturday Night Live” hosts and I was thrilled when I found out he’d be returning to host the show for the first time in over a decade this season. The show unsurprisingly proved to be one of the best overall of the season and featured the dandy of a Christmas themed sketch “Three Wise Guys.” It’s a ‘SNL’ rarity to see a sketch that doesn’t include a single cast member, but when you’ve got Goodman, who should be considered an honorary cast member, teaming up with Hollywood legends Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone as the Three Wise Men, but with a Mafia flare to it you’re going to get some laughs you can’t refuse.

Look for part two of this list tomorrow ...

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