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Boy crashes Jeep: Cops make second visit to diaper-clad tike infatuated by cars

Boy in diaper crashes Jeep into neighbor's house then leaves the scene of the crime.
YouTube screen shot

This is probably the first hit and run with the culprit being under four feet tall and wearing a diaper that the police have run into lately. This is just what happened when a three-year-old boy knocked his aunt’s Jeep out of gear in his family’s driveway and it rolled down an incline and into a neighbor’s house, according to News Max on July 28.

The diaper-clad lad hit a house with the Jeep and then got out of the vehicle, ran back home and went inside to watch TV, cartoons to be exact! This little boy and his infatuation for cars brought the police out to the same home twice in one day.

The first time the three-year-old was found sitting in a Jeep by himself in front of his Myrtle Creek, Oregon home. He was asked by police where his parents were and the three-year-old said they weren’t home, but he pointed out a relative who was in the house asleep, reports ABC News.

The police spoke with the relative about 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The toddler had the keys to the Jeep and the doors weren’t locked.

Tuesday evening at 7:30, the police were called out to the neighborhood again. This time because a Jeep had rolled across an intersection and slammed into a house. A witness saw a boy in a diaper jump out of the Jeep and run to his house.

The little guy managed to knock the vehicle out of gear and go for a ride. When the 911 call came in saying that a Jeep hit a house and a diaper-clad boy was seen running from the scene of the accident that sounded awfully familiar to the cops.

When Officer Kevin Taggart arrived at the child’s house, the toddler was sprawled out on the couch watching cartoons like nothing had ever happened. This time the mother was home and police talked with her.

She explained that what her son had done was an accident and that she had been in the bathroom when her son ran outside and took the short, but dangerous joy ride. She later told the media that the Jeep has a manual transmission and it was parked on an incline, so when it was knocked out of gear it kept on rolling.

Once the toddler knocked it out of gear he was on a roll picking up speed. Brennan Pennington was cited for failing to properly supervise her child after incident where the car hit the house. This news started a storm of comments across the social network sites.

Some reprimanded the mother for not watching her child more closely, others didn’t find fault with the mother who couldn’t even go the bathroom without the toddler getting into trouble. Some said that it is hard to watch a toddler 24-hours a day.

Believe it or not, some of the comments weren’t about the child’s behavior, but from people wanting to know why a three –year-old is still in diapers. That was more important to them apparently than the child’s behavior putting him at risk.

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