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Boy crashes Jeep: 3-year-old plows into neighbor's house after stealing keys

A potentially dangerous situation occurred in Oregon last week when a 3-year-old crashed his aunt's Jeep into a neighbor's house. As explained in a July 28 ABC News report, the mischievous boy somehow got a hold of the keys to the vehicle, got inside the Jeep and knocked it out of gear.

After he collided into a nearby house causing minor damage, he then ran home to watch cartoons on television, police said. Authorities said the little boy was wearing only his diaper when the incident happened.

KPTV reported that a policeman found the boy watching television as if nothing had happened. "An officer went to the boy's home -- and the boy was sitting on the couch watching cartoons like nothing ever happened," Police Officer Kevin Taggart said.

The boy's mother, 22-year-old Brennan Pennington, was issued a citation according to police but family members deny this. The boy's aunt and owner of the Jeep, Amy Mayberry, told news sources that it was impossible that the child could have had the keys because they were inside the home the whole time and never within his reach. She also told FOX 12 that Pennington was in the bathroom, enabling the boy to sneak out and climb into the Jeep.

However, when questioned by police about his parents’ whereabouts, the boy said they weren’t home but that a relative was asleep inside. Nobody was injured due to the boy's antics and police said the family made a "civil compromise" with the homeowner regarding the damage to the house, FOX 12 wrote.

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