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Boy are we all in trouble for violating God's dictates!

A friend recently pointed out to me that neither one of us is living Biblically. He, with similar thoughts on religion as mine, humorously noted that naturally, we both want to live Biblically. Sure. His particular concern this time is Leviticus 19:13.

You can check this in your King James Bible, your New International Version or any other translation. They all in perhaps slightly differ wording say the same thing. The New International Version says, “Do not defraud your neighbor or rob him. Do not hold back the wages of a hired man overnight.”

The King James Version says, “Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbor, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until the morning.”

This creates immediate problems, never mind the problems over the past several thousand years. Obviously, we have all been living in violation of God’s law, God’s will, God’s dictates, God’s instructions to Moses.

That might have been OK during the time of the Israelites as goat herders and tent makers. You could run out every evening to give a day’s pay to the goat herders for caring for the Nubian, Kri-kri, Damascus or other goats in a herd.

With tent makers, another factor comes into play. As the Word of God is written on this, tent makers should be paid daily for their work, whether or not they have finished making the ordered tent. Should I, as a free lance writer for most of my life, been paid daily for my output of words, even if I had not yet delivered to an editor the finished manuscript of a book, article, or newspaper column?

Big problems. With direct deposit of funds to the bank today, it would be easy. But the end result of following this Godly dictate would destroy capitalism.

Just think of the problems in the medical field alone. Hospital administrator: “Hey, we are sorry that your loved one died, but here is the bill for today. You can grieve later on your own time and at home. We need to be paid right way so that we can pay our doctors, nurses, clerical staff, janitors and the electric bill by this evening, as per God’s orders. You would not want us to violate Leviticus 19:13, would you?”

The guys who weed my lawn I pay every day. But even then, since they seem to be casual about God’s law, they sometimes leave in the afternoon before I can pay them since they are coming back the next day for more work and yes, pay.

Naturally, with commercialism and manufacturing going beyond goats and tents, the whole world is violating this important aspect of Biblical orders and Godly history.

Do you think that Social Security and other government agencies – federal, state, county and city – should rush to make changes so that payments are directly deposited daily into a worker’s bank account? Do you think that this change to Godly instructions will bring down credit cards and the international banking community?

My friend suggests that we have to do this to make God happy and to follow Godly dictates. We are going to have to revert to the Dark Ages prior to the 16th Century to pay and be paid on a daily basis.

If we do not do this, my friend suggests that perhaps the Bible that Christians follow is not really the work of a God or god, but the collection of the foolish imaginations of an ancient backward bunch of tent makers and goat herders who could barely read or write. They, despite their highly vaunted prophecy, could not even imagine the modern world of today, and the rise of Capitalism.

Of course, as my friend says, “But that alternative is clearly impossible, since the preachers assure us that the Bible is the Inerrant Word of God.”

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