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Boy, 4, thrown out for shirt: 4-year-old boy booted over sleeveless shirt

The meaning of "No Shirts, No Shorts, No Service" has gone wrong -- terribly wrong.

Boy who was booted from restaurant over shirt flap

A boy, 4, thrown out for wearing a sleeveless shirt in a Georgia restaurant, has legions of supporters on his side after he was booted out of an eatery for "violating" its dress code policy. However, the "gentlemen's code" doesn't apply to children, especially a 4-year-old wearing an adorable "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" shirt, citing a July 4 Christian Post report.

A young boy and his family visited the Tavern at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta for what was supposed to have been a fun and uneventful lunch date. But soon after the Lewis family arrived, a hostess informed the family they would not be permitted to dine in due to the establishment's policy, one that specifically forbids the wearing of sleeveless shirts.

A member of the Lewis family asked for a manager, who sided with the hostess and said the child was not properly dressed. Accordingly, the 4-year-old boy and his family were thrown out over the "TMNT" shirt. Imagine that?

I was very, very upset that my 4-year-old nephew got asked to leave a restaurant, at lunch time in the middle of the day. If we would have thought for a minute that he was inappropriately dressed, we would have gone to a different restaurant to save the embarrassment," Keri Smith, the boy's aunt told reporters.

After the 4-year-old boy was thrown out over the shirt flap, upper management moved in quickly to mute the rising backlash that ensued from the public.

Spokesperson, Amber Stewart, issued this statement on the company's behalf:

"Rule does not apply for children and ladies but for gentlemen only. It was an embarrassing mistake on our part. She's a manager-in-training who had a gross misunderstanding of our policy. We apologize and are reaching out to the family."

It's quite understandable that a business has the right to set policies around what can and can't be worn inside their walls. Additionally, it is equally understandable why the public erupted after the boy, 4, was thrown out for the sleeveless shirt. It’s a child for Pete’s sake.

In the end, it was simply a mistake and the restaurant did the right thing by apologizing. Besides, it's not wise to anger four teenage anthropomorphic turtles, especially Donatello.

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