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Boy, 10, pleads with cops to save him after being repeatedly stabbed by stepdad

‘Please don’t let me die,’ the little boy said to the cops.
‘Please don’t let me die,’ the little boy said to the cops.
Stockton Police Department

Lope Charvet, 53, was arrested at his Stockton, Calif. home after allegedly stabbing his 10-year-old stepson multiple times, and all over the boy’s body – including stab wounds to the child's chest - and defensive wounds to his arms and hands.

According to a Jan. 6 report from CBS News, other family members inside the home witnessed the Saturday night stabbing and called 911.

When officers from the Stockton Police Department arrived at the house, the scene they found was gruesome, with blood everywhere, and a little boy pleading with them to save his life.

Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton police said:

“The boy clinched on to the officer’s uniform, looked into his eyes, and said ‘please don’t let me die’ ”

While the 10-year-old was pleading with police to save him, the stepfather had barricaded himself inside a bedroom, still armed with a knife.

The scene was deemed too dangerous for paramedics to enter to try and save the boy.

That’s when Stockton Police Officer Anthony Perry went inside the home, scooped up the boy, and carried him out to the waiting paramedics.

“The boy was going in and out of consciousness, and when the officer got to the medics, passed off the boy, the boy woke up and said ‘thank you’ to the officer,” said Silva.

Police eventually gained access to the bedroom where stepdad Lope Charvet had barricaded himself. When police made it into the room, they found Charvet with several self-inflicted knife wounds.

Although entering the hospital in critical condition, the 10-year-old boy is reportedly now recovering from his stab wounds at UC Davis Medical Center. The child has been on a ventilator since his initial surgery, and is said to be anxious to have his breathing tube removed.

After being treated at the hospital for minor injuries, Lope Charvet was transported to the San Joaquin County Jail.

At his arraignment on Jan. 8, Charvet tried to plead no contest in the attempted killing of his stepson, but was instead arraigned on suspicion of attempted murder, according to Recordnet.

Police don’t yet have a motive for the stabbings.

“It was quite disturbing,” said Silva.

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