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BoxyChan defines blind-boxes

Mr. Boxy wants customers to think in and out of the box
Mr. Boxy wants customers to think in and out of the box

The LA Animation Examiner has a new bosom buddy named Mr. Boxy. He is the face of Hollywood-based, an engaging new e-commerce website born of its creator's love for cartoons, video games, comics, and pop culture.

Mr. Boxy himself is an elusive character, but he surfaces here to educate the LA Animation Examiner on the blind-box phenomenon. According to Mr. Boxy, the following is a glossary with which all fans, customers, hipsters, and nerds should be familiar:

BoxyChan - The site name is deliberate. Boxy refers to the shape of the cardboard vessel that houses assortments of toys, memorabilia, and other crowd pleasing merchandise. -chan is the Japanese honorific that designates a precious friend, relative, pet, or object. BoxyChan means cute, little box. Awwww.

Japanese honorific - The Japanese language includes several gender neutral suffixes, or honorifics, that indicate prestige or endearment. -san is one example that means Mr. or Ms., such as Sharp-san. See above for the translation of BoxyChan. It is positively adorable.

Mystery box - Japanese manufacturers are famous for packaging items, especially small toys, in sealed packages, or mystery boxes, which merely hint at the goods therein. These also are known as blind-boxes, because the customer essentially is blind to his/her purchase. The element of chance is similar to gambling, but in this case, everybody wins! Mr. Boxy stuffs his cartons with the finest in contemporary and nostalgic collectibles, baubles, action figures, and tchochkes to satisfy myriad tastes.

Themed mystery box - invites collectors to spend $25 for one shipment based on a specific brand, motif, or theme, such as Barbie, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, ThunderCats, Marvel Comics characters, anime, or Sci-Fi. Before the box opens, a BoxyChan recipient is unaware of specific contents within his/her themed mystery box.

Subscription box service - Mr. Boxy emphasizes that, unlike other somewhat similar sites, such as,, and, his does not promote a weekly or monthly procurement plan, or subscription.

Mr. Boxy says, "New themes appear every week on the homepage. Until they sell out, all themes are available for purchase all of the time. works more like a regular store, and that rocks. I dare the subscription competition to a boxing match. I'll knock them out!" (Mr. Boxy is a rascal, all right.)

Lucky box - This term is particular to the BoxyChan oeuvre. The meaning is thus: a box that contains either multiple items, a collectible, a rarity, a collectible rarity, or an expensive, authentic geek treasure.

Lucky Standard box - Another BoxyChan original expression, Lucky Standard boxes hold multiple big ticket items.

Standard box - These BoxyChan crates transport the typical, everyday, garden variety cool stuff.

BoxyChan LIVE! - In the near future, Mr. Boxy will take his show on the road. Prior notice of live appearances will spread through social networks via Mr. Boxy and his minions. In addition, Mr. Boxy will bring material happiness to attendees of various fairs, festivals, and cons.

Con - This refers to a fan confab, as opposed to a career criminal. Think WonderCon, DesignerCon, and San Diego Comic-Con.

In closing, Mr. Boxy explodes with holiday spirit: "I hereby bestow a 10% off coupon to LA Animation Examiner readers! Use this promo code at checkout: GHIJRTEFIK88. It is good until the end of the year! Great for gifting! You're welcome!"

To open Pandora's Box(yChan) for yourself and to think outside the Box(yChan), see

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