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Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather and rapper TI involved in brawl at Vegas Fatburger

Although boxer Floyd Mayweather’s next official bout is in mid-September 2014, the controversial legend didn’t shy away from an unscheduled brawl with Southern rapper TI Tip Harris outside a Las Vegas Fatburger eatery on Sunday May 25th.

Celebrity news outlet TMZ first reported news of the brawl, along with the above video. In it, an incensed Floyd Mayweather is seen shouting obscenities at an unseen (presumably) TI. Spectators report that TI was indeed the unseen target of Floyd Mayweather’s verbal assault. The next moment involved shaky cameras, flying chairs, and a report that TI may actually have unleashed a punch at Mayweather.

The short and chaotic early-morning scene apparently involved TI’s wife, Tamkea “Tiny” Cottie, who was caught posing with Mayweather’s young daughter on the popular social media site Instagram. It’s unclear what the problem exactly was with the post, but a few choice words from Floyd Mayweather can be discerned in the video, telling TI to “control his wife” – but of course, in more colorful language than that.

Witnesses at the site were interviewed by Vegas police, but remained tight-lipped about the whole affair, which started when TI approached Floyd Mayweather angrily about the Instagram post.

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