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Boxer legislation says no to drilling off the west coast

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In a stunning display of bad timing, not to say naiveté, California Senator Barbara (don’t call me ma’am) Boxer has introduced legislation to prevent offshore drilling along America’s west coast. With oil spiking at $102 a barrel as of this writing, the wheels falling off what passes for foreign policy in the Middle East, and gasoline prices at a two year high (see story), Boxer has announced the West Coast Ocean Protection Act.

Joined by the rest of the west coast leftists, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) of California, Senators Maria Cantwell (D) and Patty Murray (D) of Washington, and Senators Ron Wyden (D) and Jeff Merkley (you fill in the blank) of Oregon, the bill would prohibit from now until the end of time anything having to do with “oil or natural gas exploration, development, or production in any area of the outer Continental Shelf off the coast of the State of California, Oregon or Washington.”

Boxer’s press release acknowledges that the Obama administration has no plans for anything of the sort on its calendar, but just in case

So as we brace for the nearly inevitable shutdown of the Suez Canal or war in the Middle East, and the resultant shock of $5 a gallon gas, rest assured that Senator Boxer is protecting us from “needlessly endanger(ing) irreplaceable natural resources and our vital coastal economies.” Those vital natural resources that seep up from the ocean floor —black globs of oil— could be used to revitalize the economy that the Senator claims to be so concerned about. But they’re to be placed off limits, if Boxer and company get their way.

Unless of course, George Soros decides to revitalize his own personal economy.


  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    It's time for alternative fuels, not accelerated risk for coastal economies that hundreds of thousands of people depend on for their jobs.

  • Michael Sherrod 3 years ago

    This is a guaranteed recipe for economic disaster. The rest of the United States is wondering when the San Andreas fault is going to come through and do the world a favor.

  • Profile picture of Joe Alfieri
    Joe Alfieri 3 years ago

    Some of us who live along the fault feel the same way. With the likes of Boxer and Jerry Brown, California is circling the drain.

  • Profile picture of sandcanyongal
    sandcanyongal 2 years ago

    California is circling the drain because of no regulation of energy giants who want to continue to sweep through our country and pollute every nook and cranny of our once beautiful state. Kern County wind giants are an example of killing our nation birds, condors and blighting the people, our investments, dark skies and land. Remember companies are people now who can be investigated, tried and criminally given the death penality. And kill companies, we will...dismantle you, take your retirement, sell your assets, take you apart until no one remembers your name, except the shame. Same for the oil companies. Ready, set, gone. Free enterprise as companies know it is over. I am the 99%.