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Boxer-clad protester gets 10k after arrest

You may think money is hard to come by these days, but maybe you're just not thinking outside the box. Take Seth Brigham, whose attorney announced today that Brigham is getting a settlement check for $10,000 from the city of Boulder for violating his free speech rights.

On February 16, Brigham showed up at a Boulder City Council meeting in his boxer shorts. At the podium, Brigham confronted two council members and railed against the council, but he was told to stop speaking. When Brigham would not leave the podium, the council had him arrested for trespassing and obstructing police. The city later dropped the charges.

Photographs taken by the Daily Camera show Brigham being escorted away in handcuffs, wearing only a baseball cap, boxer shorts, and socks and shoes.

Brigham's attorney, David Lane, is no stranger to high-profile cases. He also represented controversial professor Ward Churchill and the balloon boy father Richard Heene. Lane told the Denver Post that there was a method to Brigham's madness in choosing to wear very little clothing in the early winter months: "Mr. Brigham's speaking in only his boxers was largely symbolic, in order to assist in making his points."


  • Roberta Baxter Eugene Oregon Health & Happiness Ex 4 years ago

    Yes, boxer shorts would definitely make a statement. Your reporting is great here.thank you.

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