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Box Office: Unworthy heroes take the lead in the top 10

Box Office: Undeserving heroes take the lead in the top 10
Box Office: Undeserving heroes take the lead in the top 10
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More superheroes joined the Box Office this weekend, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” challenged “Guardians of the Galaxy” for the top spot. New to theaters were also “Into The Storm,” “Step Up All In,” and “The Hundred-Foot Journey.” What movie did you all go watch this weekend? This Monday, the Box Office updated their charts to feature the top 10 movies.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” should have stayed on top, but thanks to kids and parents who don’t know any better, the undeserving “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” took number one with an estimated $65 million. I’m guilty of contributing to that, unfortunately. I didn’t listen to critics or took the horrible trailer as a hint. “TMNT”’s total sum surprised many, it looks like what a film makes does not define how bad or good a movie is, but Hollywood knows this. Paramount has already announced that a sequel is in the works.

Following very far behind at number three is “Into The Storm,” with $18 million. Cinemablend points out that after “Twister,” no one seems to care much for weather-based films. Well, at least they care more about weather than dancing. “Step Up All In” danced into the Box Office with a low $6.5 million. Can this franchise retire already? What chapter is this, I don’t even know how many there have been. Hopefully this low score is a hint that these dancing numbers need to go.

Helen Mirren’s “The Hundred-Foot Journey” landed at number four with an estimated $11 million. Below is the complete chart of the top 10 movies from Friday, August 8, through Sunday, August 10.

  1. “TMNT” $65 million
  2. “Guardians of the Galaxy” $41.5 million
  3. “Into The Storm” $18 million
  4. “The Hundred-Foot Journey” $11 million
  5. “Lucy” $9.3 million
  6. “Step Up All In” $6.5 million
  7. “Hercules” $5.7 million
  8. “Get On Up” $5 million
  9. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” $4.4 million
  10. “Planes: Fire & Rescue” $2.4 million
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