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Box of condoms filled with cocaine sent to The Vatican

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Just when parishioners thought Pope Francis had cleaned up the Catholic Church, it was reported that German customs agents recently confiscated a box of cocaine-filled condoms sent to the Vatican.

The box of 14 condoms filled to their tips with pure cocaine would have arrived at The Vatican had the agents not seized it first, according to a report published yesterday in the German weekly "Bild am Sonntag."

Law enforcement set up an entrapment upon the discovery; however, the culprit never showed to pick up the box.

The cocaine, which was in liquid form, has a street value of about $55,000. As seems to be the custom at The Vatican, the church did not name the intended addressee - a rather glaring omission when one considers the historical priest shuffling conducted by the Church to avoid prosecutions for alleged sex crimes.

The investigation has yielded a few questions. For example, who, presumably from The Vatican, might have informed the recipient that there was a sting on at The Vatican? The illegal drugs were mailed from South America where the Pope, coincidentally, hails from.

The unsuccessful sting operation conducted by German police with the help of Vatican security officers was set up in January.

While police may never know the identity of the informant, Rev. Federico Lombardi, the spokesman of The Vatican, maintains that the church aided the investigation whenever possible.