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Box cake mix recipe change-up: Reduce calories and fat but not taste

Boxed cake mixes provide an easy and quick way of putting together a dessert in no time at all. A few ingredients added to the mix blend up a ready-to-bake cake batter.

Reduce calories and fat but not taste with boxed cake mixes
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Many of the mixes on the market require butter, oil or even margarine to be added which increases the fat and caloric intake of the cake about to be baked. In fact when any of those ingredients you are adding it totals approximately 100-120 extra calories per tablespoon or 960 extra calories to the entire cake.

By making one ingredient change you can reduce the amount of fat and decrease the caloric count in the cake by almost 600 calories. Instead of using oil, margarine or butter and using the same measuring amounts use a light mayonnaise in its place.

The mayonnaise will mix well into the batter; keep your cakes moist and delicious. Baking times may vary from those shown on the box since a cake mix mixed with mayonnaise will bake a cake a little faster than if it was mixed with oil or butter. So be sure to set the timer a little sooner and check its progress so the cake won’t over-bake.


Be sure to use regular mayonnaise – the light version and not a sandwich spread type such as Miracle Whip – it will not make your cake tasty the way you expect your dessert to be. For best results use Hellman’s or even the store brand of mayonnaise.

Have your cake and eat it now with fewer calories!

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