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Bowslinger - Miniature Rainbow Loom Rubberband Gun


Bowslinger: Loom Band Gun
Bowslinger is a compact 6-shot rubber band gun specifically designed to fling those multicolored "loom bands" at an incredible speed! If you're familiar with loom bands, we're betting you've already flung some yourself with great results. But what's missing is a compact and elegant delivery system that lets you target those bad boys right where you want 'em, one after another. Whether it's dinner table mayhem, dorm warfare or office blitzkrieg, the Bowslinger can put an invisibly fast loom band right on your target! Bowslinger uses our own custom design of the classic 6-shooter escapement to provide quick and reliable slingin', while delivering an incredibly satsifying "clacka - clack" with every shot. It's easy to load, and even easier to fire. This project is already fully designed, modelled, prototyped and verified by the tooling house for manufacturability.

The tooling has just started. It will take about 20 days to get a rough mold milled, at which point we will make "T1" test shots to check the injection, part fit and movement. The results of that test will be posted here.Then the mold needs about 7 days for final EDM shaping and polishing before "T2" test shots and color test can be done.

Once those are complete, we will be ready to do the first production run in early June and ship in Late June or early July. This is not vaporware you'll wait a year for - if this Indiegogo campaign is successful, it will happen and it will happen NOW!

Perks include Bowslingers in your choice of color and special engraved Bowslinger.

See all the details and pick up your perk here: