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Bowling Green–Virginia's hidden treasure

America's heritage and history are closely linked to places and events in Virginia's past. In 1607, Jamestown, Virginia became the first permanent English settlement, and ever since, Virginia has been synonymous with United States history.

Bowling Green is a beautiful, unspoiled town in Caroline County. The shape of the county looks somewhat like a diamond when one is viewing a map of the area, and Bowling Green is situated directly in its center. Like many areas of Virginia, Bowling Green is rich in Civil and Revolutionary War history.

Bowling Green is situated directly on the Civil War Trail and the Washington-Rochambeau Route. The town was a camp and a crossover point for both armies at one time. The town is an ideal home base for those who wish to take day trips to Jamestown, Yorktown, or begin a Tour of the Civil War Battlefields in Fredericksburg. Trails can be followed to the five historical sites in Caroline County, which include the Bowling Green, the Star Hotel, Guinea Station, Carmel Church and Bethel Church. Each site is associated with the North Anna Campaign, where Grant and Lee met for the first time in battle.

Those who enjoy shopping will certainly not be disappointed with a trip to Bowling Green, as shopping is a primary activity in this engaging part of the State. From craft shops and art galleries featuring pieces by local artists, to factory outlets and discount furniture stores, the streets of Bowling Green are peppered with a wide variety of vendors. Those who collect antiques will be pleased to find there are several quality antique shops and auctions where historical treasures can still be found. Because there is so much to see and learn about in this enchanting town, one trip is typically not enough to experience all the area has to offer, and many individuals return again in the future for another Virginia getaway.