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Bowling for Soup at WinStar, July 17

Bowling for Soup
Bowling for Soup
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Unless you've stumbled upon this page from outside the Dallas area, chances are you know the name Bowling for Soup (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Originally formed in Wichita Falls, TX in 1994, the band promptly "got the %$*& out of their hometown" and moved to Denton, TX. Fans of their music and Wichita Falls natives will understand that quote (click here and listen to ("My Hometown"). Bowling for Soup has released seven studio albums, in addition to a few special release albums and EP's. Since 1998, the band includes Jaret Reddick (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Erik Chandler (bass, vocals), Chris Burney (lead guitar, vocals), and Gary Wiseman (drums). The band received major national exposure with the 2003 Grammy nominated "Girls All the Bad Guys Want". Since then, Bowling for Soup has put out plenty of great music, but without the critical and public recognition experienced in 2003. In spite of this, the band has continued to grow musically while maintaining the fun, playful attitude that makes them a fan favorite. 

After the release of their most recent album, Sorry for Partyin', Bowling for Soup embarked on The Party in Your Pants Tour in October 2009. The tour featured Bowling for Soup as the headliner and took place in the UK. The band now begins a string of dates in the US before heading back to the UK. Bowling for Soup's shows always display a high energy, smart alec, playful tone and provide a very entertaining experience. Be prepared to take some shots, as one of the band's traditional concert "jingles" involves taking Kamikaze shots during a short break in between songs. 

Bowling for Soup recently began working on their next studio album. Current speculation places the album's release date somewhere round late 2010 or early 2011. The band's loyal fans anxiously await the new music. If you are able, make the short trip to WinStar this Saturday, July 17 and check out their show. $15 and $20 tickets still remain. WinStar has an excellent facility and is sure to help produce a great show. Better Than Ezra, a tremendously talented Louisiana band, headlines the event. If planning to attend, send in an e-mail or post a comment below so we can meet up at the show and talk about your thoughts on all the performances. Check back for updates on the show and a review on Sunday. As always, feel free to subscribe to the column by clicking the link at the top of the article to receive new posts as they go live. Hope to see you at the show!