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Bowling commercial promotes ‘Saturday night fun’

A commerical is putting bowling on the forefront.
A commerical is putting bowling on the forefront.
Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Is bowling trying to take over the world?

Or is bowling just trying to take over Saturday night?

In any event, Bowlmor AMF has launched a national campaign to promote bowling on Saturday nights. It has just released a hip and funny commercial as part of its “Bowling Makes Saturday Night More Fun” campaign.

The 15-second spot is airing on such broadcast and cable networks as MTV, Comedy Central, E! and Spike TV.

Don’t be surprised if you smile when you see the commercial no matter your age.

The commercial features a gargantuan bowling ball and pins that make some converts to the sport during a visit to the movies, a mall and a nightclub.

According to the public relations firm that is handling the commercial, the goal of the 15-second spot “is to showcase Saturday night at the bowling alley as a guaranteed good time.”

But why stop at Saturday night?

What’s wrong with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday . . . ?

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