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Bowlers: Do you know the derivation of a ‘Dutch 200?’

A ‘‘Dutch 200’’ alternates strikes and spares throughout the game.
A ‘‘Dutch 200’’ alternates strikes and spares throughout the game.Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Ricky Hoohuli’s recent ‘‘Dutch 200’’ game at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills raises a question, namely how did that term originate to denote a 200 game achieved by alternating strikes and spares throughout the game?

So what is the origin of a “Dutch 200?”

Let's make it a trivia question.

Here are three choices:

a) The term came about in the 1930s when a Dutch bowler scored that rare 200 by alternating strikes and spares.

b) The term came about when an American bowler rolled that rare 200 in the Netherlands – twice in one series!

c) That term came about from the phrase “Dutch treat.”

And the answer is:

c Says Wikepedia: The term is thought to originate from the phrase “Dutch treat,” which is when two individuals share the cost of a date.

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