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Bowler Scott Englehart racks up rare ‘clean 30’

Ashley, Rachel, Scott and Candyce huddle at Canoga Park Bowl
Ashley, Rachel, Scott and Candyce huddle at Canoga Park Bowl
Fred Eisenhammer

“That was a clean 30,” bellowed bowler Scott Englehart after he blasted a strike on his first shot in the 10th frame of his final game Monday night.

The 22-year-old Englehart finished with scores of 234, 236 and 267 for a sterling 737 series at Canoga Park Bowl – not far from his best of 763.

It was the second time Englehart had fashioned that rare “clean 30” – meaning he didn’t open in any of his 30 frames.

The strong series allowed Englehart to raise his powerful average in the summer session of the “River Maniacs” league – which stood at 220 entering Monday’s play.

“It’s my highest average and it keeps going higher,” said Englehart, a 22-year-old right-hander from Canoga Park.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Englehart is bowling on a team with three women. The team, called “The Brat Pack,” includes Ashley Carson, Candyce Bradley (Englehart’s girlfriend) and Rachel Steinberg. Rachel’s average of 156 is tops for the women.

Englehart said he typically bowls with players with higher avearges, but he said bowling with the three women has helped his scores. “It’s helped me to focus on my game,” he said.

Added Bradley: “I feel he has more fun [bowling with three women] and that helps a lot.”

Englehart, the son of elite bowler Johnnie Englehart, has a high game of 299 that he blasted in 2011 at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana. He said his goal is to bowl a 300 and “hopefully soon.”

In the meantime, it’s apparent that he enjoys his bowling sessions, prancing and dancing throughout his strike-filled series on Monday.

“I’m just here to have fun,” he said.

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