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Bowler Ricky Hoohuli went ‘Dutch’ in rolling rare 200

Ricky Hoohuli achieved a rare feat at AMF Woodlake Lanes.
Ricky Hoohuli achieved a rare feat at AMF Woodlake Lanes.
Fred Eisenhammer

Trivia question of the day: What is a Dutch 200?

Answer: It’s a bowling term that denotes a 200 game achieved by alternating strikes and spares throughout the game. This rare occurrence usually results in the bowler receiving an award or patch to commemorate the feat.

It may be an unusual occurrence, but not for Northridge resident Ricky Hoohuli, who has done it several times – the last time coming two weeks ago at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills.

The 26-year-old Hoohuli, who averages 197, achieved his Dutch 200 in the last game of his series, which was preceded by games of 187 and 248. In his finale, he opened with a strike, then spared and continued that pattern until the end of the game.

“I’ve seen a 300 and a 7-10 [conversion], but I had never seen a Dutch 200,” said Perry Haberman, one of Hoohuli’s teammates who watched the 200 as it unfolded.

Interestingly, Hoohuli left one pin standing in each of his frames that he didn’t roll a strike.

Hoohuli was less than beaming when asked about his achievement.

“I hated it,” Hoohuli said. “They were all 10 pins [on the spares] and all pocket shots.”

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