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Bowler Michelle Resnik puts on a show

Michelle Resnik rolled strikes in six of her first seven frames in her first game.
Michelle Resnik rolled strikes in six of her first seven frames in her first game.
Fred Eisenhammer

These are the moments that make bowling all so sweet.

Michelle Resnik, filling in as a substitute in Tuesday night’s “Guys & Dolls” league at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills, put on a pretty good demonstration of pro bowlers Kelly Kulick and Diandra Asbaty.

Resnik, who averages about 150, started her first game with three straight strikes. She opened in the fourth frame, but then strung together another three strikes from the fifth to seventh frames.

After nailing a spare in the last three frames, the right-handed Resnik finished with a scorching 214, one of the highest all-time scores for the West Hills resident in her 10th season of league bowling.

“I was just lucky, I guess,” said Michelle modestly about her score, which jumped to 280 with handicap.

“I got jinxed after that,” she added with a laugh, citing her scores of 138 and 137 in the last two games.

Teammate Jeanette Griffin marveled at Michelle’s first game. “It was strike after strike,” Jeanette said. “She’s a really good bowler. Golly, it was a good day for her.”

Michelle, though, couldn’t help but point out that her team lost two of three games despite her heroics. “My teammates were very happy for me,” Michelle said, “but when you lose, it’s kinda hard [to celebrate]. It makes me think I didn’t help enough.”

Jeanette, though, had one parting thought about Michelle’s performance. “She was awesome,” Jeanette said.

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