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Bowler Eric Haugsby shows that he’s a trouper

Eric Haugsby is playing it safe these days.
Eric Haugsby is playing it safe these days.
Fred Eisenhammer

This story originally ran Nov. 20, 2013, and is being updated with a postscript.

So you think bowlers aren’t that tough?

Think again.

Los Angeles bowler Eric Haugsby got into a severe car accident last week and somehow shook it off and arrived on time to participate in his “Guys and Dolls” league action at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills later that night.

“The car spun into a wall and I walked away with bruises and lacerations on my hand,” the 30-year-old Haugsby recalled in an interview Tuesday night – one week after the mishap.

“On the pain scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, it was an 8 ½.”

Haugsby, a 142 average bowler, was in obvious pain as he rolled games of 119, 141 and 117 last Tuesday. There should be an asterisk by those scores because by the time he rented a car after his accident, he didn’t have time to retrieve his equipment from home.

So he wound up doing his best with a house ball and house shoes for his team, which includes Jean Uzan, Christian Kruse and Jamie Beeler.

So why didn’t Haugsby just stay home and allow a substitute to fill in for him?

“I’m just a diehard person,” said Haugsby, a Woodland Hills resident. “I wanted to see if I could bowl.”

Postscript: Haugsby reports that he recovered “surprisingly” quickly after his car crash and that he’s been accident-free since his mishap. He adds that he’s always “way early” for his Tuesday night competition in his “Viva Las Vegas” league.

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