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Bowler Bill Plummer crushes back-to-back perfect games

Bill Plummer blasted a 793 series with back-to-back perfect games.
Bill Plummer blasted a 793 series with back-to-back perfect games.
Fred Eisenhammer

Move over Kelly Gold and Johnnie Englehart. You have some company.

On Wednesday night, left-hander Bill Plummer of Newbury Park joined that exclusive club of local bowlers who have blasted back-to-back 300 games.

Plummer blistered scores of 193, 300 and 300 to finish with a personal-best 793 series at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.

It was the 54-year-old Plummer’s sixth and seventh perfect games. Considering he rolled three strikes in the 10th frame of his first game, Plummer strung together 27 consecutive strikes.

Plummer credited a new bowling ball for his powerful showing. He bought a 15-pound Fusion Storm ball last month and on the first night using the ball, he smoked a 299 game during a 717 series at Corbin Bowl.

Gold and Englehart, both right-handers, recorded their back-to-back 300 games at Canoga Park Bowl, now known as Winnetka Bowl. Gold went 300-300-161 for a 761 series in January 2013, and Englehart went 300-300-209 for an 809 series in August 2009.

“I wanted to be in that club,” Plummer glowed. “I was a lot more nervous on the second 300. Not too many people have done it [back-to-backs].”

Plummer’s final shot on his second 300 was greeted with a raucous cheer from a throng of bowlers. Carol Tucker was one of them.

“Everyone in the league went over there for the second one,” Tucker said. “It was quite exciting, quite exciting. It really was. I don’t think I’d ever see that in my lifetime.”

Another bowler witnessing Plummer’s masterpiece was Rick Auerbach, who himself has fashioned four perfect games. “He drilled every shot,” said Auerbach, admiringly. “What a performance.”

Plummer said he was touched by the reaction of the bowlers who were supporting him. “It was incredible hearing the reaction after the second 300,” he said. “There must have been 70 people cheering me on and were excited about being there.”

He added that the support of his fellow bowlers was the best part of the back-to-back perfect games. “After the second 300, the bowling alley erupted,” he said.

Plummer added that he was pleased that he could sustain his accuracy through two perfect games and was able “to concentrate and focus for that period of time without making a mistake.”

Plummer averaged 200 during the 2013-2104 winter season in Wednesday’s “Super Stars” league at Corbin Bowl.

He last rolled a perfect game in April 2013 during a 750 series (239-300-211) at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills.

After rolling that 300, Plummer said he didn’t have any particular bowling goals.
“I just want to have fun,” he said at the time, “but every time I step on the bowling lane, I want to do well.”

On Thursday, Plummer acknowledged that he now had a definite objective. “I have to get an 800,” he said. “I don’t have one.”

What Plummer accomplished Wednesday, though, is considered a much more difficult feat than an 800 series.

“It was an unbelievable night,” he said.

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