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Bowled over by Genghis Grill


It took a few weeks to get over there, but I've eaten at Genghis Grill twice in the last two days. That's how good it is.

The Tish Bowl: steak, shrimp, tomato, onion, jalepeno, and mushroom.

Don't be intimidated when you walk in. It's a little difficult to figure out where to go. Wait for the host to seat you. A waiter will take your drink order and, if it's your first visit, he or she will walk with you through the line.

Here's where the fun starts. I'd heard about the 80-ingredient food bar, but seeing it in person is even better. You really do just pile on whatever, and however much, you want. Three kinds of meat? Yes. Pineapple and jalapenos? Sure. Island Teriyaki and Mango BBQ sauces? Why not?

The restaurant encourages you to indulge, so don't be shy. When your Mongolian mountain is finally ready, take it over to the grill and just let them know what kind of starch you want. (Again--multiples are fine! I suggest fried rice and noodles.)

Lunch is $8.99 and dinner is $9.99. If you aren't as much of a glutton as I, you can ask for a to-go box and squeeze two meals out of one bowl.

For those interested in the Tish Bowl, I had (more or less) marinated steak, shrimp, onion, mushroom, tomato, jalapeno, pineapple and egg. I sampled the Dragon sauce on the first go-round, but it was a little too hot for me along with the jalepenos. The second time around, I went with a mixture of Honey Soy and Citrus Ginger.

For the less adventurous who balk at the thought of building their own bowls, their is a menu selection of popular bowls. To order one of these, simply pick up a card with the corresponding number (at the front of the line), skip the food bar, and take it over to the grill.

As with most new restaurants in Tyler, this one is busy. But I went for lunch and for dinner, and I wasn't overwhelmed by the crowd either time. Take a good friend and just enjoy the conversation if you have to wait a few minutes for your bowl. (I didn't have to wait for seating.)

Have you already been to Genghis Grill? What's your favorite combination? Comment below and let other readers know!


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