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A Modular Carrying System Designed for Active Lifestyles. Save money with a system that grows with you called Bowerbags. The bags can be used individually, or you can customize your own carrying system to fit your lifestyle and needs! The 5 modular bags make up the total system and how they combine with one another. It can be used as a shoulder bag, a hip bag, a bike bag, a duffel bag, or base bag. All fabrics are water resistant, which means if you get caught in the rain, your items won't get wet with you. Bowerbuckles are made with injection molding we estimate the total tooling cost to fall somewhere between $30-35k.

Bowerbuckles were born from searching for the best way to add or remove pockets from our original Bowerbag. The founders concluded that there was no hardware that was quite right and went to work making their own. They designed, prototyped and tested over 1000 different clip variations until landing on the Bowerbuckle you see today.

Perks include the Bowerbags here