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Boutique hotels are interesting and unique

Some golfers prefer quiet boutique hotels when traveling
Some golfers prefer quiet boutique hotels when traveling
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Boutique hotels first became popular in the mid-1980s. They are small, independent facilities, and throughout the aforementioned decade they began opening in major cities throughout the world.

Many travel experts were initially very skeptical about this type of establishment, but boutiques are now regarded as major contenders for vacationers' dollars. The design of such establishments is nontraditional. However, most boutique chains have a specific number of rooms that feature the same shape, decor, and size.

The hotel's exterior is typically designed in the same manner as the buildings and establishments in the area of the world in which it is located. Such accommodations are found in cities that are highly popular vacation destinations. However, it is possible to find facilities of this type in smaller cities as well. Boutique hotels almost always offer guests a more intimate experience than large hotel chains. They often have private opportunities such as exclusive painting classes, sightseeing expeditions, or dance lessons. The target market for most hotels of this type is young, affluent, adventurous individuals.

The guests who frequent such establishments are usually between 22 and 50 years of age and traveling for leisure purposes. However, over the past decade business travelers have become interested in hotels of this kind as well. Most boutique establishments are not large, with the exception of several well-known chains that have embraced the boutique concept. Many hotels of this kind feature only eight to ten rooms. However, the modest size of the hotel is more than made up for by the services and unique features it offers to its guests.

Additionally, many boutique hotels are known to specifically tailor what they offer to each individual guest in order to create a completely unique experience. Anyone who has never stayed at such an establishment should consider a boutique for his or her next vacation.