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Boutin gets paid off by Teamsters to kill Right-to-Work in Senate

Boutin bought by Teamsters to fight Right-to-work
Boutin bought by Teamsters to fight Right-to-work
Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office provided filings by Committees and once again Granite State Teamsters gave Senator David Boutin money. This time they gave him $1,000. Last reporting session they gave him $1,500. Odds are if one is to go back you’d see lots of payoffs from the Teamsters. Why is this important? Boutin killed Right-to-Work (along with Senator Sharon Carson, who also received money from the Teamsters) in January in the Senate.

Why is this important again you wonder? Because New Hampshire desperately needs Right-to-Work in the state in order to woo businesses here and Boutin is up for re-election. Since the majority of Granite Staters actually want Right-to-Work and Boutin clearly votes against what his constituents want (SEE: Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion for one example), it’s important, once again to know his record.

Unions spend the majority of their election money on Democrats. It’s been that way ever since Unions starting buying Democrats into office years ago. When a union supports a Republican, it’s a huge red flag, especially the Teamsters. Looking at Boutin’s voting record against worker freedom tells the story. He votes against Right-to-Work, the Teamsters help buy him into office.

Unfortunately for constituents in District 16, what you want doesn’t matter but you’ve probably figured that out by now based on Boutin’s record. Right-to-Work is going to be a big issue next session. New Hampshire has literally lost jobs to other states because we are a forced union state. Ruger has a manufacturing plant here. When they decided to expand, they didn’t expand in the Granite State, they expanded in a Right-to-Work state and that was one of the reasons.

This is just another direct hit in a long list of hits as to why it’s time to boot Boutin from the NH Senate. It seems as though he simply votes either how he’s told or by who is paying his way to re-election. That’s not the New Hampshire way and that is not how representatives of the people are supposed to behave in the “Live Free or Die” state. Note that Senator Sharon Carson and Representative Frank Sapareto along with Michael McCarthy also received money from the Teamsters and are all against Right-to-Work in the Granite State. Sapareto is running for the Senate in District 19 and has a primary. McCarthy is running for the Senate in District 12 and has a primary. Unfortunately Carson does not.