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Boutin gets desperate and Cormier strikes back

Yesterday yet another mailer hit NH Senate District 16 voters from incumbent Senator David Boutin. The mailer shows two babies and makes the claim they have been in the district longer than his primary opponent Jane Cormier. He then makes the claim that Cormier cannot possible represent voters due to her recent move there. Apparently Boutin has forgotten that Jane Cormier was a representative in the New Hampshire Legislature and has a voting record to prove how good she is at representing constituents. Unfortunately for Boutin, so does he.

Boutin gets desperate
Photo by Kimberly Morin

Boutin's voting record is so bad he has been sending out mailers neglecting to list all of his votes. These are major votes that hurt Granite Staters and the people he claims to represent. Boutin voted for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion (against his constituents' wishes) which will necessarily force an income and/or sales tax onto New Hampshire when the federal funds begin to dry up. Not only that but it's a program that is going to hurt the most vulnerable in the state and is the biggest federal intrusion into NH in decades. He voted to increase the gas tax rather than solving the bigger issue of why the Department of Transportation isn't doing their job.

Boutin voted to table a bill that would have allowed the NH State Legislature to vote on Common Core rather than leaving it in the hands of people who just want the money and don't care about the kids. He voted against Constitutional Carry. Boutin also voted against Right to Work (and gets money from the Teamsters on top of that). All of these bad votes (and there are many more) were against the majority of what his constituents wanted. For someone who claims to know his district, he certainly voted against them time and time again.

Jane Cormier came out with a public service announcement striking back. In the video, Cormier talks about the $9,000 debt the tiny babies Boutin refers to inherited the minute they were born, thanks to his votes. Boutin cannot point out Cormier's voting record because it is stellar and shows she does indeed represent her constituents as well as the values of "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire. Boutin isn't truthful about his voting record or the special interests he's involved with for votes (like the Teamsters) because his constituents would be outraged. Cormier has proven to voters, as a State Representative, that she not only listens to her constituents but truly represents them.

With less than two weeks left to the primary on September 9, it will be interesting to see what other mailers Boutin sends out. Maybe the NH Senate Republican Majority PAC will send out another mailer lying for him. This organization is run by Senators Morse and Forrester, Republicans who also voted for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion. Take a look at the votes by these people and you'll see why they want to keep a rubber stamp in the NH Senate. Jane Cormier has been an activist and representative in the state fighting for her constituents and all residents. Her website calls her "The Voice of Liberty"; her votes prove it.

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