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"Bourne" director drops out...Jackson DVD...Hollywood buzz


Paul Greengrass/Matt Damon

“Bourne” director leaves 4th installment

Paul Greengrass, the director of the last two “Bourne” films (The Bourne Supremacy & The Bourne Ultimatum) has reportedly dropped out from directing the series fourth installment.  Sources say Universal hired two writers to develop two new scripts for the latest film, however the story the studio likes was created by a writer Greengrass never approved of.  Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon have become close friends throughout the past few years, in fact the two recently teamed up to shoot the upcoming film “Green Zone” out March 10th, 2010.  No word yet whether Damon will reprise his role as Jason Bourne now that Greengrass is out. The untitled 4th “Bourne” film is still slated to hit theatres summer of 2011.

“Paranormal” director gets follow-up film

He made a $15,000 film into a $100 million profit and now the director of “Paranormal Activity” has just signed a deal to release his highly anticipated follow-up.  Paramount Pictures has agreed to distribute Oren Peli’s newest movie entitled “Area 51.”  The $5 million dollar film uses the same “found footage” format as “Paranormal Activity.”  “Area 51” tells the story of three teens who find themselves looking for clues of an alien landing on Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.  “Area 51’ is set to hit theatres in 2010.


Michael Jackson tribute hits DVD

The movie that allowed the world one last chance to see the King of Pop in action is set to hit DVD in January.  “Michael Jackson’s: This is It” can best be described as a documentary style film which mixes lives performances with backstage banter.  The movie gives viewers the chance to see a very different side of Jackson.  It allows an opportunity to witness the creative development, chemistry and struggle, all while experiencing Jackson’s true passion for the craft for which he will forever be known.  Fans of the film can expect a load of extras on the DVD in addition to the film. 


DVD Bonus Material

 •"Staging the Return: The Adventure Begins" Making-of Documentary

•This in-depth documentary reveals Michael Jackson's unique, groundbreaking vision for his ambitious return to the stage, with director Kenny Ortega and the entire crew from This Is It.

•"Staging the Return: Beyond the Show" Making-of Documentary

•Director Kenny Ortega and the crew of This Is It discuss Michael Jackson's final rehearsals, and the purpose behind creating the concert film.

•"The Gloved One" Costumes Featurette

•Costume Designer Zaldy reveals the elaborate new costumes created for Michael Jackson to wear on the This Is It tour.

•"Memories of Michael" Featurette

•Kenny Ortega and the crew of This Is It share personal stories about working with Michael Jackson, and how they will remember their friend.

•"Auditions: Searching for the World's Best Dancers" Featurette

•A look at the high-stakes audition process, which began with over 5,000 applicants and ended with the selection of 11 exceptionally talented dancers.

•Theatrical Trailer

 “Michael Jackson’s: This is It” grossed more then $240 million at the box office and is set to hit store shelves January 26th, 2010.


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  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Another movie that is coming out that offers a clean alternative is ‘’Paranormal.’’ Below is some additional information about this new thriller!!

    Paranormal, the latest supernatural thriller from Cross Shadow Productions, (the
    creators of the approved, best-selling BMG releases: Pray and Pray 2:
    The Woods) will be available in stores nationwide January 26th 2010. The 2009 Mrs. America is starring in it.

    See more information and trailers at:

    Following the success of family-friendly suspense/thriller The Exorcism of Emily
    Rose (Sony Pictures), comes a riveting supernatural thriller in the vein of the hit
    SyFy television series, Ghost Hunters and Frank Peretti's House (Roadside
    Attractions / Lionsgate).

    Paranormal follows best-selling, self-made novelist Greg Evans struggling through the worst case of writer's block in his award-winning career. In a desperate search for
    inspiration, Greg quickly finds himself immersed in a world he