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Bourbon Street: Nine people shot in early New Orleans incident in French Quarter

A violent left in New Orleans left nine people injured.
A violent left in New Orleans left nine people injured.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The city of New Orleans has had its violent times and high-crime moments, but incidents like the one that happened on Sunday, June 29, 2014, make people frightened to even visit. WWL TV reported that nine people were reportedly injured in a shooting by a man that purposely shot one victim and then emptied his gun into the crowd.

New Orleans Police say that reports had an angry-sounding man shot at another man and then decided to shoot randomly into a crowded Bourbon street until his gun was empty.

Police have said that seven of the victims are listed in stable condition, but one woman listed as being in critical condition. The condition of the ninth victim was not revealed as it is not known as of early Sunday morning.

The New Orleans Police Department has also stated that there is no word on an actual description of the suspect. They have no clue as to the motive behind the shooting either.

The shooting happened in the 700 block of Bourbon Street right off of St. Peter Street. Witnesses say it happened around 2:45 a.m. when crowds in the French Quarter were rather heavy.

Eyewitnesses have given different accounts of the Bourbon Street shooting, but everyone seems to center on one victim being shot purposely. From there, they all recall that the shooter just opened fire on anyone and everyone else that was around him.

One witness said, "Just turned around and he started shooting at the crowd. He seemed pissed off at some dude, pulled the gun out and started shooting at the guy then turned around on the crowd and started shooting at us.”

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